You have the plot of a novel partly written or you have reached a dead end in your book, or you are a professional with a new idea to tell or you want to learn how to write methodically for your professional purposes. If on top of that, you don't know where to start or how to organise your efforts effectively, you need a literary mentor, a professional to work alongside only you, in a customised and unique writing process, with your book at the centre.

The literary mentor is not a 'ghostwriter':

no one will write the text for you. You will do it, but you will enjoy a figure who will accompany you with his critical and participatory thinking. The purpose of this figure is precisely to help you grow professionally and humanely: He can see you as you cannot, with clear and objective eyes.

The mentor will reveal only to you the things that are blocking or slowing you down in your writing and help you tackle and overcome them.
In short, he is the best antidote against the temptation to give up in the face of difficulties, the most frequent risk in the world of work. His vision will allow you to change your approach at work: a mentor guides you in your personal growth, his aim is not to lead you to success, but to improve your steps in terms of experience, and to make you realise the great importance of personal relationships, in whatever sector you work.

In the specific case of the literary mentor, however, you will have a speech technician at your side, who has very cross-functional skills and will be attentive to and attuned to your style, will listen to your 'voice' and help you bring it out in the text. On this journey, in tandem with a professional we will select for you, you will understand what you really want to tell, learn to ask the right questions and identify the source of your story.

Your creativity will find a way to generate something absolutely your own and, at the same time, you will be able to perfect your identity and style, improving every aspect of your story and those you will write in the future, because the knowledge you acquire will remain with you forever..

Your book

The mentor is a professional writer who will accompany you from the initial idea to the completion of the work, he also takes care of the final editing. With him you will be able to discuss any details of the plot, identify the purpose of the text you want to produce by analysing its target audience, take care of the plot of the story and the characters that animate it from the ground up. Mentor support will guide you chapter by chapter throughout the writing process, in an exciting journey of analysis, development and revision. Together with the professional, you will complete the final editing and critical re-reading of the text in its final version.

Why choose mentoring

La presenza di un mentor ti renderà più sicuro e migliorerà non soltanto il tuo valore come autore e quello semantico dell’opera, ma anche il modo in cui ti approcci a questa affascinante professione. 

Stai davvero per intraprendere un percorso unico che ha un valore inestimabile in quanto ti sarà utile anche per i tuoi progetti futuri.  Non aspettare, imbocca la strada che trasformerà una lotta contro se stessi in un’avventura dello spirito.

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