The Evaluation Form

The Manuscript Evaluation Form, or Reading Form, is a careful analysis of the work, drafted by a professional writer and meeting precise editorial criteria.


Manuscripts received in 2022
Mara P.
Mara P.
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"Exceptional service. Very happy to have turned to OtherSouls'.
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Sergio A..
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"I realised with OtherSouls the dream I always had: to write my own book..."

How is the Evaluation Form structured?

The Technical Evaluation Form must always contain targeted references to the text, because it is a methodical and specific study of the work: it allows an author to know its strengths and to have indications to optimise them by strengthening them where needed, but above all it identifies the weaknesses and explains, by means of objective and technical reasons, the aspects of the writing that do not work with suggestions to improve them.

The evaluation form is not an edit and does not provide for internal corrections, but for precise indications of your work in its entirety. 

Which are the elements analysed in an Evaluation Sheet?

To compile the Evaluation Form for a novel, one considers:

  • narrative development and internal coherence
    the structure
  • the setting
  • the construction and rendering of characters
  • dialogues
  • the style
  • form (spelling and syntax)
  • commercial potential

Costs and time

Your Editorial Reading Sheet will be delivered in approximately 45 days after receipt of payment and text.

  • Up to 200 folders: €190
  • 200 to 300 folders: 260€
  • 300 to 400 folders: €350
  • For texts over 400 pages the price is to be agreed upon

*Each editorial folder consists of 1,800 characters including spaces.

Need it in less time? You can have your Evaluation Sheet in just 15 days through the Immediate modewhose supplement is 50 per cent to the tariff prices (e.g. up to 200 folders will cost you 285€).


The editorial synopsis is a summary of the plot of the novel: it highlights the story, the events, the protagonist, the relationships between the characters and the structure of the book with twists and turns and the ending.

The synopsis is not the same as writing a back cover, it does not have to intrigue in order to push you to read the book, because it is not aimed at readers but at industry professionals (mainly agents, consultants and publishing houses) who have to assess the potential of your story in a few lines and decide whether to read the entire manuscript.

How to write a synopsis

It is very difficult for an author to write a synopsis: the complete knowledge of the work, the emotional involvement that penalises the ability to synthesise, the inexperience related to this specific editorial text, the fear of judgement, the idea of being evaluated first for these few paragraphs rather than for the entire novel generate many doubts. The risk of being ineffective is very high.

Often writers, fearing to explain little, find themselves writing very long synopses, while the ideal cut is little more than a single editorial folder. Sometimes, they prepare a detailed and well-written one in which, however, indispensable information is missing, resulting in a result that does not enhance the coherence of one's work and does not give the overview needed by a professional.

Finally, catchphrases, slogans, mannerisms, originality at all costs do not help to achieve the desired result: an editor needs the logical exposition of the story from beginning to end.

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Costs and time

La tua sinossi ti verrà consegnata in circa 30 giorni dalla ricezione del pagamento del testo e sarà di massimo 2 cartelle editoriali.

  • Up to 300 folders: 129 €
  • From 300 to 400 folders: €180
  • For texts over 400 pages the price is to be agreed upon

*Each editorial folder consists of 1,800 characters including spaces

Do you need it in less time? You can receive it in immediate mode in just 15 days with a 50% surcharge (e.g. up to 300 files will cost you €193).

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