Editorial Services

A book is both art and product.

Writing is not enough: a good idea needs to be taken care of in every aspect, and the editorial services we offer are a fundamental help in giving your project a chance. Professionals are your accomplices. They are the expert eye you can deal with to solve problems, enhance merits, eliminate redundancies and typos in your text. They are authors who can write for you, mentors who work alongside you sentence after sentence, and translators who allow you to step outside linguistic boundaries. They are technicians who give your writing the right look or guide you through the marketing and social jungle.

The ghost writer writes the book you have in mind for you and on the cover you will only read your name.

A shared journey with an expert who helps you page by page to complete your book.

External revision emphasises merits, corrects weaknesses and prepares a text for publication.

For authors and publishers, quality covers and editorial layouts processed using modern techniques.

For authors and publishers. We promote your work with all-round marketing tools.

Allow your story to have no geographical boundaries.

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